Give your group the tools to grow

Engage your members by allowing them to exchange items and discuss their passion.

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Useful tools for members & admins

Make it easier on everyone to exchange their things with features that neither Facebook nor forums have.

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Automated notifications

Each party in the exchange receives automated emails through the entire process.

Sales catalyst

Tons of ways to sell stuff: auctions, fixed price or group discounts. Choose the option that will fetch the best price.

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Buyer & Seller protection

Since everything works through PayPal seamlessly, both the buyer & seller receive Purchase Protection automatically without any extra fees.

Energize your group

Sell your stuff, sell others' stuff or discuss the ins and outs of your hobby.

Exchange things

Through auctions, group discounts, fixed-price sales, trades or wanted posts — everything your group is passionate about can be swapped.

Capture discussions

Give your group tools to engage with each other about the stuff they're most passionate about.

Groups already using Fam

Up and running with thousands of sales and members.

Setup is easy and fast

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